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Step 1: Select Date To

Select your month and day below. Note: only days displayed in green have timeslots available for . On narrower screens you can scroll right to view and select days within the month.

Step 2: Select Timeslot(s)

If time slot is available then click the button below as required. If more than one place is available then you will see a drop down list where you can select the number of places you require.

Step 3: Review Selections

Review your list of selected below. Note: you can still make changes by adding more in Step 1 and 2, or cancel a selected by clicking Remove below as required.

Step 4:

Once you have selected your timeslots then provide your contact name etc. below and click the button to proceed.

Once you have selected your timeslots then click the Confirm Reservations button to proceed.

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This field is mandatory and must be a valid phone number
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